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Cases of dengue, Japanese encephalitis increasing in Patna


Covid-19 cases may be decreasing in Bihar, but the cases of dengue, Chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis are increasing in the state capital.


Apart from Japanese encephalitis, the cases of dengue and chikungunya are also increasing in Bihar.


Patna has several places like Kankarbagh, Danapur, Digha, Patrakar Nagar, Yaarpur, Jakkanpur and Gardanibagh, which are considered low-lying areas, where water accumulates and stays for most part of the year.




Lucy Spacecraft Launched By NASA

NASA launched the first-of-its-kind mission on October 16, 2021, to study the Trojan asteroids of Jupiter.


Trojan asteroids are two large clusters of space rocks, considered pieces of primordial material forming the solar system’s outer planets.

The space probe is called Lucy and it has been packed inside a unique cargo capsule lifted from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The Lucy spacecraft was carried by an Atlas V rocket from United Launch Alliance (UAL).

Lucy mission is a 12-year expedition that will study a record number of asteroids.

The first mission will be to explore the Trojans, and Spacecraft will journey to eight different asteroids.

International Day For Eradication Of Poverty Recognized On 17 October

The International Day For Eradication Of Poverty is commemorated On 17 October to recognize the efforts and struggles faced by people who live in poverty.


The first commemoration of “International day for Eradication of Poverty” took place in Paris, France, in the year 1987.

Poverty was declared a violation of human rights on 17 October 1987 by people assembled at the Trocadero in Paris to honour the victims of extreme poverty, hunger and violence.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was approved in 1948, and on 22 December 1992, the UN General Assembly adopted 17 October as “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty”.

Eco Oscars Awarded To Indian Project

Takachar’s Innovations, an Indian Project, won the “Prince William’s inaugural Earth shot Prize”, also called “Eco Oscars.


The Project recycled the agricultural waste into Fuel and was led by Vidyut Mohan.

The project was awarded for its affordable technology and reduction of smoke emissions by 98 per cent.

Vidyut Mohan was awarded for this technology in the “clean our air category”.

This technology will mitigate the challenge of getting rid of USD 120 billion of agricultural waste generated around the world annually.

India 101 Rank In Global Hunger Index

The Global Hunger Index 2021 was released on 14 October, and India is 101 rank in the Index with an alarming hunger level.


The Global Hunger Index is published by an Irish aid agency called ‘Concern Worldwide’ and a German organisation called ‘Welt Hunger Hilfe’.

India has been placed in the 101st position out of 116 countries, while in 2020, it was in the 94th position.

The GHI Score of India is 28.8 – 27.5 between 2012 and 2021, decreased from 38.8 in 2000.

India has improved concerning indicators like under-5 mortality rate, the prevalence of undernourishment and prevalence of stunting among children.

GHI is a means to measure and track hunger across the world, by region and country.

It is calculated yearly, and its results are published in a report issued in October.

GHI score is calculated based on four-pointers,


Child wasting (share of children under five who are wasted, i.e., those with low weight for their height.

Child stunting (children aged under five who have low height for their age.

Child mortality (mortality rate of children aged under five).

Tea & Banana Waste Used In Developing Non-Toxic Activated Carbon

A team of scientists from India have used tea and banana waste to prepare non-toxic activated carbon.

This is useful in industrial pollution control, water purification, food and beverage processing, and odour removal.

The newly developed process avoids using any toxic agent for synthesizing activated carbon, thus making the product cost-effective and non-toxic.

The structure of tea was beneficial for conversion to high-quality activated carbon, but it involves using solid acid and bases, which is toxic; hence a non-toxic method of conversion was needed.



PLI Scheme Launched For Telecom Products

Production Linked Incentive Scheme was launched on 14 October, for Telecom & Networking Products.



The PLI Scheme was launched by the Minister of State of the Ministry of Communication, Devusinh Chauhan.

This scheme was launched to help reduce India’s dependence on other countries for importing telecom and networking products.

The PLI Scheme in the telecom sector is being launched by DoT to boost the home Manufacturing of telecom and networking products.

Manufacturing will be supported by incentivising incremental expenses and turnover. This scheme was launched with a total expenditure of Rs 12,195 crore.

The scheme is effective from 1 April 2021. The investment made by applicants in India between 1 April 2021 to FY 2024-25 will be eligible.

The scheme provides support for 5years from FY 2021-22 to FY 2025-26.

CRISP-M Tool For Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Scheme Launched

Giriraj Singh, Minister of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, launched the CRISP-M tool virtually.


The CRISP-M tool has been launched to combine the climate information in the “Geographic Information System (GIS) based watershed planning” under the MGNREGA and develop climate resilience.

This tool will help fix climate information in GIS-based planning and implement Mahatma Gandhi NREGA (MGNREGA).

CRISP-M tool has created this tool with the help of the British Government and all the stakeholders.

This tool will start up new opportunities for rural communities in dealing with the climate change issue.


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