DMPQ Premium- Points out the major mineral resources found in Bihar.

The mineral base of this state is very rich. Particularly the Chotanagpur plateau is very mineral rich field. It has an extensive and high quality coal deposits. Iron ore and copper ore are also produced in Bihar. Bauxite, ore for aluminiumis also found here. This state has a reserve of pyrites and mica. The other important mineral resources found in Bihar are – limestone, graphite, chromite, manganese, nickel, barytes, kyanite and sillimanite, bentonite etc.

Bihar is a producer of Steatite (945 tonnes), Pyrites (9,539 tonnes/year), Quartzite (14,865 tonnes/year), Crude Mica (53 tonnes/year), Limestone (4,78,000tonnes/year).  Bihar is the principal holder of country’s pyrite resources and possesses 95% of resources. Bihar has also some good resource of Bauxite in Jamui district, Cement Mortar in Bhabhua, , Mica in Muzaffarpur, Nawada, Jamui, Gaya and salt in Gaya and Jamui.

Important mineral occurrences in Bihar are:

  • Limestonein Kaimur (Bhabhua), Munger and Rohtas districts;
  • Micain Nawada and Muzaffarpur district; quartz/silica sand in Bhagalpur, Jamui, Munger and Nalanda districts;
  • Dolomite in Bhabhua
  • Quartzite and talc/steatite in Munger district.
  • Bauxite occurs in Munger and Rohtas districts
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