DMPQ: Discuss the features of cool temperate eastern margin type of climate.

Geographical distribution:

  • The cool temperate eastern margin climate is an intermediate type of climate between the British and the Siberian type of climate. It has features of both the maritime and continental type of climate.
  • The laurentian type of climate is found only in two regions. One is north eastern North America and the other region is the eastern coastland of Asia, include eastern Siberia, North China, Manchuria, Korea and northern Japan. This climate is absent in southern hemisphere.


  • Cold, dry winters and warm, wet summers.
  • Summers are as warm as the tropics and if it were not for the cooling effects of the off-shore cold currents from the arctic, the summer might be even hotter.
  • In northern region there is uniformity in the precipitation due to the Atlantic influence and that of great lakes. The warm gulf stream increases the moisture content of easterly winds from the open atlantic. The prevailing westerlies which penetrate across the rockies carry depressions over the great lakes to the new England states.
  • In Asia the rainfall distribution is far less uniform. Winters are cold and very dry while summers are very warm and exceptionally wet. During summer the intense heating of the interior continents create a extreme low pressure, and moisture laden winds from the pacific ocean and the sea of japan blow in as the south east monsoon. Hence it is also called cool temperate monsoon climate.


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