DMPQ- Discuss the conditions in which second round table conference was conducted. Also mention the objectives of the conference.

. The Congress had boycotted the first Round Table Conference (1930) which was actively  attended by princely states, Ambedkar and other non-Congress parties. Ambedkar also raised the issue  of separate electorate for Dalits and Jinnah demanded more safeguards for the Muslims (these two demands were reflected in Communal Award of 1932). After Gandhi-Irwin Pact, Gandhi was sent as a  representative of Congress.

Round table conference were in line with the constitutional  progtression envisaged by the British which were outlined by the Simon Commission as well to chart out  a future course of action for political mechanism in India. One of the prime objective of Congress to  participate in it was demand of Indians for more autonomy and dominion status.   Though the round table conferences were termed as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It will be wrong to term as so  because – it was basically a single conference that was held in three sessions.  In April, before Second Round Table Conference, Irwin was replaced by new Viceroy Willingdon and he  was not ready to take a liberal attitude as taken by Irwin. Even before Gandhi left for Conference there  were complaints regarding the non-release of prisioners in some areas, repression of Khudai  Khidamtgars in NWFP and Gandhi was refused permission to go there.

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