DMPQ:Discuss the achievements of Indian in the field of Science and technology in Ancient India. ( Ancient India)



Achievements in the field of Science and Tech:


  1. Physics- They knew the existence of atoms and molecules even before the Greeks. Vaiseshika School elaborated the atomic theory.Brahamagupta anticipated Newton‘s theory of gravitation by declaring that –‘All things fall on the Earth by law of nature’ and it is the nature of the Earth that attract the things.


  1. Mathematics-Indians made three important contributions – notation system, decimal system and usage of zero.Indian notation system was adopted by Arabs and numerals are called Arabic in English. They are found in Ashokan inscription.Knowledge of Geometry is reflected in the Sulvasutras of 5th century BC. Aryabhatta (Surya Siddhanta) formulated the rule for finding out the areas of a triangle which led to the origin of


  1. Astronomy- JyotishaVedanga(500 BC) is the earliest source dealing exclusively with astronomy.Aryabhatt explained the true cause of solar and lunar eclipses, stated that the Sun is stationary and the Earth rotates around the Sun.Varahamihira stated that the Moon rotates round the Earth, and the Earth rotates around the Sun in his book Brihat Samhita


  1. Metallurgy:There was great development in Metallurgy with large scale production of various metals like gold, silver, copper, iron, brass and other alloys.


  1. Medicine: Sursutasamhita of Sasruta refers to various kinds of diseases and operation withanaesthesia, surgical treatment, cataract, rhinoplastyetc.Charaksamhita of Charak (100 AD) refers to the various diseases with cure and treatments, also about prevention and control through diet.




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