Social Reformers & Their Work AND Freedom fighters

Rajaram Mohun Laid stress on the study of English & established the Hindu College in Calcutta
Roy alongwith David Hare.
Maharishi The grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore. He inspired a number of thinkers like
Devendranath Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar & Akshay Kumar Datta who became Brahmo Samaj
Tagore members.  He  din’t  perform  his  fathers  antyeshti  samskara  as  it  involved  idol
Keshav Chandra He was greatly inspired with the lives of John the Baptist, Jesus Christ & hence he




Sencame in confrontation with Devendranath Tagore. Consequently the Brahmo Samaj
 was split into the Brahmo Samaj of India under him & Adi Brahmo Samaj under
 Devendranath. He opposed child marriage but married her own minor daughter to
 Maharaja of Cooch-Behar. Hence there was a further split into Neo Brahmo Samaj
 under him & Sadharan Brahmo Samaj
Ishwar ChandraBecame principal of Sanskrit college in Calcutta. Opened the Sanskrit college for
Vidyasagarnon  Brahmin  students.  He  founded  ‘Bethune  School  at  Calcutta’  to  encourage
 female education.
Bankim ChandraFirst graduate of Calcutta University which was estd in 1857 based on the lines of
 Macaulay Minute. He became a deputy collector. Wrote the famous Bande Matram
 (Anand Math) & published Banga Darshan magazine.
RamakrishnaBecame a priest in the temple of Goddess Kali at Dakshineshwar.
SwamiIn 1893 he attened the Parliament of Religions at Chicago. In 1897 he established
Vivekanandthe  Ramakrishna  Mission.  His  disciple,  Sister  Nivedita  even  helped  many
(1863-1902)revolutionaries from Bengal directly.
Swami DayanandaKnown in early life as Mul Shankar & born in Gujarat. Received his education at
1824-83the feet of Swami Virajananda at Mathura. Founded Arya Samaj in 1875 based on
 a set of 28 principles (later 10). He estd the HQ of Arya Samaj at Lahore. Passed
 away on Diwali at Jodhpur following the mixing of glass powder in his drink.
 Through his Satyartha Prakasha he emphasized Vedas. He laid emphasis on the
 worship  of  a  formless  god  &  abandonment  of  idolatory.  He  emphasized  on
 Ashrama system of education. He stressed on swadeshi, swadharma, swabhasha &
 swarajya. He considered Vedas as infallible.
Jyotibha PhuleIn  1873  he  founded  Satya  Shodhak  Samaj.  Gave  testimony  before  Hunter
 Commission against Christian missionaries. Later given the title ‘Mahatma’.
Sayyid AhmadIn 1875 founded the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College at Aligarh which later
Khanbecame Aligarh University. Opposed polygamy, purdah, abolition of the practice of
 easy divorce, reform in madrasa.
 Freedom Fighters
Lokmanya TilakIntroduced the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi & Shivaji festivals. Paticipated in
1856-1920Home Rule Movement in 1916. Called by Britishers as ‘Biggest Traitor’ & ‘Father
 of Indian dissatisfaction’
Lala Lajpat RaiSher-e-Punjab. Was sent to Jail at Mandey on the charges of seditious activities.
Sri AurobindoHis development of National education & editing of Bande Mataram (started by
GhoshBipin Chandra Pal) gave momentum to Bengal partition movement. Left Baroda to
 work in the National College in Calcutta.
Chapekar BrothersChapekar Brothers – Damodar & Balakrishna. Killed two British officials Rand &
 Aryst. Celcbrated Shivaji & Ganesh Utsavs.
Savarkar BrothersGanesh  Savarkar,  Vinayak  Damodar  Savarkar  &  Narayana  Savarkar.  V.D.
 Savarkar organized the New India Association in London. Organizing lectures at
 the  India  House  founded  by  Shyamji  Krishna  Verma.  He  was  linked  to  the
 assassination  of  Jackson  at  Aurangabad.  Sentenced  to  imprisonment  in  the
 Andamans from 1911-24.
Shyamji KrishnaIndia  House  had  become  centre  of  V.D  Savarkar,  Sardar  Singh  Rana,  Madam
VermaBhikaji kama & Madan Lal Dhingra.
Madam KamaRepresented India in the Interinational Conference at Stutteguard in Germany.




Madan LalHe short dead the assistant of the Secretary of State Curzon Wyllie. Gopal Krishna
DhingraGokhale clled it as a heinous act meant to spoil the name of India.
Chandra ShekharInvolved in the assassination of Saunders (officer who ordered the Lathi Charge in
Azadwhich Lala Lajpat was killed), alongwith Bhagat Singh & Rajguru. He had chalked
 out a plan to blow up the train in which the Viceroy Lord Irwin was traveling. He
 was killed in a police encounter  at Alfred Park in Allahabad.
Harkishen TalwarShot  the  Governor  of  Punjab  but  the  latter  escaped  with  injuries  only  Later
 Harkishen was hanged.
Bhagat SinghIn association with Chhabil Das & Yashpal he had founded the Punjab Naujavan
 Bharat Sabha.
Rani GaidinliuLead the Nagas in the revolt. Yadunaga was the other leader.
Subhas ChandraPassed  the Civils  in  1920 but  preferred to  serve  the  nationalist  cause. He  was
Boseelected  the  Mayor  of  Calcutta  in  1923  but  soon  arrested  &  sent  to  Mandalay.
 Elected President at the Haripura session of Congress in 1938. He left for Kabul
 along with his friend Bhagat Ram. From there he went to Germany & met Hitler.
 He was first addressed as Netaji in Germany.
Udham SinghWhilst living in England in 1940, Singh shot dead Sir Michael O’Dwyer, former
 Governor General of the Punjab.


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