DMPQ: . What are the constitutional provisions for Parliamentary session? Recently there has been delay in calling up of winter session of parliament, Discuss the consequence of such scenario?

Constitutional Provision:   Article 85 of the constitution only requires that there should not be a gap of more than six months between two parliamentary sessions.


Parliamentary Convention: Parliament meets for three sessions in a year:


The Budget session which is held towards the beginning of the year


A three-week Monsoon session (July-August)


Winter session (November-December).


Consequences of such a scenario :


  • Compromised legislative business: Budget has reduced from avg 123 hrs to 39 hrs in last decade.:


  • Lack of avenues to express dissent : The Conference of Presiding Officers of Legislatures (2001) found that non availability of adequate time and consequent frustration of MPs in not being able to raise matters on the floor of the House was a major reason behind MPs disrupting Parliament


  • Undermines legitimacy


  • Parliament sittings have reduced from 120 days/year to 65-70 days/year due to various reason including disruptions leading to adjournment.



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