DMPQ- Comment on the current status of Technology and Innovation in India.

Recognizing the crucial role of technology and innovation in economic development, India’s policy makers have taken several initiatives to promote science, technology and innovation. Various schemes have been launched to attract, nurture and retain young researchers and women scientists in the field of scientific research. Some important achievements in the field of science and technology are enumerated below:

India has become a major destination for outsourced R&D activities. We currently have more than 1,100 R&D centres set up by multinational companies (MNCs) such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Lupin, Wockhardt, etc. These R&D centres cover areas including information and communication technologies, biotechnology, and aerospace, automotive, chemicals and materials technology. India’s relatively strong intellectual property regime will facilitate its emergemce as a major R&D centre.

Indian scientists are at the forefront of some global groundbreaking work. Recent contributions by Indian scientists to frontier research and technology have been encouraging. For example, 37 Indian scientists from nine Indian institutions played a key role in the discovery of gravitational waves that received the Physics Nobel prize in 2017. Indian scientists also contributed to the discovery of a neutron star merger at Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), USA.

The development of Brahmos, advanced air defence supersonic interceptor missiles, diverse missiles and rocket systems, remotely piloted vehicles, light combat aircraft, etc., are brilliant examples of India’s progress in strategic and defence technologies.India now ranks amongst a handful of nations that have credible capabilities in the field of space technology. The upgrading from SLV to ASLV and PSLV to GSLV, the first moon orbiter project Chandrayan-1, Mars Orbiter Mission and the recent simultaneous launch of 104 satellites are India’s significant achievements

India is now the third largest country in terms of the number of start-ups. This number is expected to rise exponentiallyin the coming years. The government has set up the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) to transform radically the innovation, entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystem of the country. While India has improved in most areas of technology, it is also necessary to recognize the challenges that we need to overcome to become an innovation led society.


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