27.04.19 Bihar (BPSC) Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL World Veterinary Day 2019 is observed on 28th April   The World Veterinary Day 2019is observed on 28th April. It is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of veterinarians to the health of animals and society. The theme for the day is the Value of Vaccination. The day is initiated by the World Veterinary Association. The World Veterinary Association (WVA)will … Read more 27.04.19 Bihar (BPSC) Current Affairs

25.04.19 Bihar (BPSC) Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL Singapore Changi airport got world’s tallest 131-ft indoor waterfall   The world’s tallest indoor waterfall, 131-foot-tall, opened for the general public at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport. The waterfall is housed inside a dome-shaped complex which has gardens growing over four storeys, more than 280 retail and food outlets, a hotel and a movie theatre. The structure … Read more 25.04.19 Bihar (BPSC) Current Affairs

21-22.04.19 Bihar (BPSC) Current Affairs

BIHAR   Bihar History : Freedom movement in Bihar     Jai Prakash Narayan’s Movement   It was natural; therefore, that many people from Bihar became leading participants in India’s struggle for independence. Dr. Rajendra Prasad has been mentioned above. Another was Jay Prakash Narayan, affectionately called JP. JP’s substantial contribution to modern Indian history … Read more 21-22.04.19 Bihar (BPSC) Current Affairs

20.04.19 Bihar (BPSC) Current Affairs

BIHAR Bihar History : Freedom movement in Bihar   Champaran Satyagraha (Civil Disobedience Movement)   Champaran Satyagraha was the India‘s first civil disobedience movement. Resurgence in the history of Bihar came during the struggle for India’s independence. It was from Bihar that Mahatma Gandhi launched his civil-disobedience movement, which ultimately led to India’s independence.   … Read more 20.04.19 Bihar (BPSC) Current Affairs