General Studies

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  1. Fertilizers
  2. Agro Food Processing: Forming village clusters and establishing Food Storage,
  4. Control of Pests and crop Disease
  5. Conventional and Non Conventional Sources of Energy
  6. Crop Science in India
  7. Distribution of Mulberry and Non-mulberry Sericulture
  8. Food laws and regulations
  9. Food bio technology
  10. Food Processing, and Food Packaging & Marketing
  11. Food safety and Microbial standards, Food quality standards
  12. Importance of Sericulture in India
  13. Horticulture Development
  14. Post harvest technology and value addition in Food Processing



  1. Alloy
  2.  Laboratory method of preparing alcohol
  3. Minerals
  4. Non metals and their position in periodic table
  5. Ore
  6. Properties of polythylene
  7. Properties of polyvinyl chloride
  8. Properties of soaps and detergents
  9. Properties of teflon



  1. computer-Classifications, generations, applications and limitations
  2. Computer elements
  3. Computer Database
  4. Internet
  5. Network
  6. Software


  1. Administered Prices Including MSP and Procurement Prices
  2. Age structure, sex ratio and Rural-Urban composition of India
  3. Effects of the policies of developed and developing countries on India’s interest
  4. food security scheme
  5. Human Development Index
  6. industrial policy
  7. National Income
  8. Non-banking financial institutions and their reforms in them since 1990s
  9. Pattern of Revenue Expenditure



  1. Safe Drinking and Supply
  2. Sanitation and Water Disposal
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Biosphere reserves

  5. Disaster Management
  6. Disaster manangement
  7. Flood and Drought Occurrence
  8. Environmental concerns of tourism
  9. Impact of Solid Waste; Recycling and Reuse
  10. Forest- Types and Conservation
  11. Natural Vegetation of India
  12. Land Resources Management
  13. Nuclear Energy
  14. Management of land and water resources
  15. Rain Water Harvesting
  16. Scientific Water Harvesting
  17. Solid Waste Management
  18. Waste Water Management
  19. Water Resources Management
  20. Water Resources
  21. Wildlife of India


  1. Agro Food Processing
  2. Age structure, sex ratio and Rural-Urban composition of India
  3. Infrastructure in Rural Areas

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