Scheduled tribes of Bihar

Scheduled tribes of Bihar

A tribe is a traditional society governed by rituals, blood ties, social, economical and religion. A unique culture within the tribe makes it unique in terms of qualities and characteristics.

Bihar is the residing place of many tribes influencing the culture and society of the state. A decade back the number was higher, but due to separation of the state to Jharkhand the number split into the newly formed state. Most important and largest of them all was the Santhal tribe. There manner of living is completely different from one another that makes it a great expertise to grasp all of them. Most of them possibly migrated from Sub-Himalayan region. Like everyplace, tribes in Bihar still earn their living from agriculture, as well as shifting cultivation and tiny cottage industries. Visiting one among their villages is truly an eye gap expertise.

Needless to mention, these tribes of Bihar aren’t totally different from the non- social group members of the region, every one of them is sort of exclusive in holding their own identity and stature. The Cultural exuberance of those tribes of Bihar state is by all odds pictured in its numerous elements, as well as its house decoration, artworks, dance, festival, musical melodies etc. Most of the tribes of Bihar reside in mud homes with thatched roofs. There square measure baked tiles for roofs.

Festivals also are part and parcel of the cultural embellishment of those tribes of province. Except for celebrating many festivals that area unit popular throughout Asian country, there are a unit few native festivals feted by these tribes.Scheduled tribes of Bihar

The most necessary pageant for the tribes of Bihar is Sarhul that commemorates the growth of Sal trees. All social group community of Bihar celebrates this pageant within the period of spring time. Sal trees area unit worshiped within the sacred plantation. Totally different tribes have alternative ways of celebrating this pageant. However, every one of those tribes worships the ‘spirit’ of the Sal tree to do to search out its blessings for a decent harvest.

Just like the other tribes, most of those tribes of province follow cultivation as well as shifting cultivation. The most important crop of those tribes of Bihar is paddy. On a commonplace, the meal of those tribes comprises of stewed cereals, millets. Amongst the delicacies embody a curry of stewed vegetables or meat or any of the edible roots, and tubers nicely seasoned with salt and chillies. What is quite fascinating to note is that milk and every one the milk merchandise area unit entirely missing from the menu of those tribes of Bihar.

In fact, all the homes of the Scheduled tribes of Bihar have sacred house altogether earmarked within the house for the spirits. Since the worry of exasperating dead ancestors haunts the tribal individuals. The breaking of epidemics and diseases can even occur because of some encroachment of many of the taboos. Some even believe that ‘hostile spirits’, ‘the ghosts of the dead’, are responsible. Conciliatory ancestral spirits is extremely vital to the social group individuals.

Following is the list of Scheduled tribes of Bihar

  • Binjhia
  • Bhumiji
  • Kols
  • Birhor
  • Chero
  • Gond
  • Karmali
  • Kora
  • The Mundas
  • Santal

Dress and Ornaments Scheduled tribes of Bihar

Simplicity and plainness are the dual characteristics of the dress of the social group folks. Most of them use a slender piece of fabric tied spherical their waists. They keep 2 sets of dresses one for home and therefore the other for outdoor wear. They wear dhotis and saris whereas going out. Social group women square measure overly keen on ornaments. They need a craze for hansli, (a quite jewellery made from silver) brass bracelets and silver earrings. They are illustrious for keeping their hair tidy by applying mustard or mouha oil and brushing it frequently. Tattooing the forehead arms and legs could be a common follow with them. This tradition originated from their age-old belief in magic.

Life and Culture of Scheduled tribes of Bihar

Each of the tribes in province includes variety of clans. Member of selected type is claimed to possess descended from a standard relative and bear an equivalent last name. Hence, sexual relations between two persons of equivalent kindred are strictly prohibited. The majority social group villages in the state are colonized by lot of clans. Seldom does one stumble upon a one clan village.

The entire social group attach an excellent deal of importance to wedding. While not wedding, nobody is thought to be a full member of the tribe. Manifold area unit the systems of wedding current among the tribal’s of state. The most notable of all of them is Diku-Andi that is organized by go-betweens. Another necessary kind is Raji-Khushi, during which boys and women take the initiative. Wedding by capture is rare. Generally a woman might intrude into the house of her beloved and refuse to depart it and therefore force him to just accept her as his bride. This way of wedding is called ‘Marriage by intrusion’.

In most of the tribal areas of the state, adult wedding prevails. In some components of the state, the age of wedding has gone down below the impact of Hindu culture. Wedlock is that the general rule, matrimony is not. The first unit of social organisation among the tribes is that the family, which is formed from their unmarried youngsters. Descent is reckoned within the male line. Daughters being empty the correct to patrimony. The ladies in social group culture don’t possess the correct to landed property. They are entitled to the possession of all types of movable property that they will eliminate whenever they like. They also have the correct to participate within the proceedings of social group councils. Divorce and widow marriage area unit permissible according to the social group law.

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