Wildlife and ecotourism of Bihar

Wildlife and ecotourism of  Bihar:


The State of Bihar is rich in wild creatures. The critical Terrestrial species are Tiger , Leopard, Bear, Hyena, Bison, Chital, Barking Deer and so forth. Other than there are numerous assortments of Crocodile, Magars and Fishes, Gangetic turtles in River frameworks. Bihar has the benefit of having the National Aqueticcreature , Fresh water Dolphin in the River Ganges,Kosi ,Gandak, Mahanada and Paimar streams of the state and so on. VikramshilaGangetic Dolphin Sanctuary has been advised at Bhagalpur segment of the River Ganges. Bihar is additionally acclaimed for various wetlands and numerous assortments of nearby feathered creature species and also transient winged animals. Diverse Natural wetlands like Kanwar lake, Baraila lake, Kusheshwarnath Lake, Udaypur lake and man made lakes Nagi Dam&Nakti Dam have been proclaimed as Bird Sanctuary. The Bihar has reproducing populace of more prominent aides in Naugachia range of Bhagalpur locale. The state has developed a Rescue and Rehabilitation focus at Bhagalpur.


The Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries constitute really brilliant habitations the wild monsters to abide in as there are adequate extension introduced to them to draw in themselves in different exercises. Bihar has gradually however definitely transformed into an able home for the survival of a wide cluster of wild brutes under impeccable conditions.


Till date Bihar gladly houses a stunning 21 untamed life havens alongside the prosperous nearness of 2 national parks which is incredible accomplishment in itself. The Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries are not just supplied with an exceedingly open plot so the regions having a place with different creatures don’t consolidate yet additionally with lavish therapeutic offices that demonstrates very extremely convenient in taking great care of the animals.


Below is the list of Major wildlife protected and their location

S.N.NameDistricts of BiharTypeArea(km²)Estd Year
1BarelaSalim Ali ZubbaSaheni Wildlife SanctuaryVaishaliWildlife Sanctuary2.001997
2Bhimbandh Wildlife SanctuaryMungerWildlife Sanctuary6821976
3Gautam Buddha Bird SanctuaryGayaWildlife Sanctuary2601971
4Kaimur Wildlife SanctuaryKaimurWildlife Sanctuary1342.221979
5Kanwar Lake Bird SanctuaryBegusaraiWildlife Sanctuary67.51987
6Nagi Dam Bird SanctuaryJamuiWildlife Sanctuary7.911987
7Nakti Dam Bird SanctuaryJamuiWildlife Sanctuary3.321987
8Rajgir Wildlife SanctuaryRajgirWildlife Sanctuary35.841978
9Sanjay Gandhi Biological ParkPatnaZoo and Botanic Garden1531969
10UdaypurVanyPrani SanctuaryChamparanWildlife Sanctuary8.741978
11Valmiki National ParkWest ChamparanNational Park335.651989
12ValmikiVanyPrani SanctuaryWest ChamparanWildlife Sanctuary880.781976
13VikramshilaGangetic Dolphin SanctuaryBhagalpurWildlife Sanctuary60 km in length1990



The Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries give asylum to an assortment of animals that incorporate tigers, sambars, sloth bears, cheetals, nilgai, wolves, wild canines, pigs, panthers, hyenas, peafowls, pythons, wilderness felines, serow, Indian civet, single-horned rhinoceros, Indian buffalo, monkey, langur, chausingha, woofing deer, bunny and numerous more great animals. The authorities identified with the Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries ensure whether the occupant creatures are confronting any kind of bother or not. It additionally goes under their purview to sternly unthinkable a wide range of unlawful poaching exercises from the Wildlife Sanctuaries of Bihar.

The conspicuous names in the rundown of Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries are Palamau Tiger Reserve that gives a quiet and delectable feel for the tigers, Valmiki National Park, Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhimbandh Sanctuary, UdhwaLake Bird Sanctuary, Topchanchi Wildlife asylum, Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary and some more.

We will see major wildlife protected areas one by one.

Valmiki National Park

Valmiki Nagar of Bihar houses a Valmiki Ashram after the name of Maharishi Valmiki who was the writer of the immense Indian epic, the Ramayana. It is realized that he was at initial a man who supported his living on the things grabbed far from others when he was utilized to be called Ratnakara. Be that as it may, later he was humble and chosen to take retribution. He was then honored and taught to incorporate the life of the Lord.

Rajgir Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife and ecotourism of Bihar

The Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary covers a beautiful plot that stretches out over a zone that measures around 34 square kilometers. The Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary is dowered with the promising nearness of the petite lofts that roots back to the celebrated time of the Buddhists and Jains on its outskirts. The atmosphere that commands at the Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary of Bihar falls a bit on the wetter and damper side as exuberant showers constitute a basic piece of the every day timetable of the recreation center.

Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary

It is situated in the low uneven territory of Bihar and spread more than 184 square kilometers in thick tropical timberlands and grass knolls. The best time to visit the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary is late-winter. The asylum has various perception towers from where the natural life darlings can have more intensive take a gander at the creatures.

Bhimbandh Sanctuary

It is sited at a short distance from Bhagalpur and stretches out over a sprawling plot that measures near 682 square kilometers in region. The territory of the Bhimbandh Sanctuary principally contains a cockling stretch of meadows that exhibits a radiant view to it. Being situated roughly 56 kilometers far from the locale of Mungur towards its south-western fringe, the Bhimbandh Sanctuary is easily agreeable from any far off niche of the nation.

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary

It is constituted by an astounding mix of two tasty lakes to be specific Pataura and Berhale that total up together to involve a cockling region that measures roughly 565 kilometers. Separately the pools of Pataura and Berhale eat up a territory of 155 hectares and 410 hectares individually. Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is arranged at a short distance from the blessed waterway known as Ganga that adds a lovely vibe to its climate.Wildlife and ecotourism of Bihar

Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary

It covers a sprawling plot that measures around 8.75 square kilometers. Despite the fact that the Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary isn’t that extensive yet it figures out how to protect the harmless pith of the wild mammoths that dwell in it. Despite its petite territory, the creatures staying in the Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary of Bihar don’t need to stand up to any kind of bother.

Palamau Tiger Reserve

The Palamau Tiger Reserve primarily houses a whole caboodle of verdure that is each botanist’s enjoyment. Mahua, Sal, Palas and Bamboo are the trees that are fundamentally connected with the Palamau Tiger Reserve. There is likewise a plenitude of little hills in the Palamau Tiger Reserve in Bihar like the Murhu, Huluk, Netarhat and Gulgul. On the off chance that you are genuinely entranced by the hypnotizing perspective of a lofty water-fall, you won’t be frustrated in an excursion to the Palamau Tiger Reserve as it is granted with numerous wonderful water-falls that incorporate Mirchaia Fall situated at a nearness to Garu, SugaBandh Waterfalls and some more.



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