Awards and Honors of Bihar

Awards and Honors of Bihar

The Government of Bihar State gives awards and honors to distinguished persons of different fields on the occasion of 26th January, 15th August or other special occasions. The awardees are given citation, cash prizes and shawl.


Bihar Vishyak Granth                         :  Land, natural regions, art and daily life


Dr. Grierson Prize                               :  Books written on folk language of Bihar (Maithili & Magadhi)


Bhikhari Thakur Prize                         :  Books written in Bhojpuri language


Dr. Father kalim Bulke Prize                          :  Poems written in Hindi on Bhakti literature, drama, novel,   research, critical appreciation of original volume


Vidhyakar Kavi Prize                         : Hindi books written in different aspects in state language


All India Granth Puraskar                               : Indian Culture, Modern Indian Literature, National  Integration, Comparative Study of Indian literature and other Indian languages.


Chanakya Prize                                   : Political Science


Mandan Mishra Prize                          : Religion and Philosophy


Vidyapati Prize                                   : Lok Sahitya written in Hindi


Arya Bhatt Prize                                 : Science


Upendra Maharathi Prize                    : Art & Sculpture


Ayodhya Prasad Khatri Prize             : Hindi language and Script


Kashi Prashad Jaiswal Prize                : History and Sanskrit


Raja Radhika Raman Prasad

Singh  Prize                                         : Novel and Story


Shiv Pujan Sahai Prize                        : Literature, remembrance and journey


Rambriksha Benipuri Prize                 : Drama and Stage


Kedarnath Mishra ‘Prabhat’ Prize      : Poem


Nalin Vilochan Sharma                       : Review


Gorakhnath Singh Prize                      : Economics


Dr. Sachidanand Sinha Prize              : Law literature


Amarnath Jha Prize                             : Child literature


Laxmi Narayan Sudhanshu Prize        : Published Research paper related with Hindi language and literature


Gopal Singh Nepali Prize                    : Navgeet


Phanishwar Nath Renu Prize              : Regional Story writing & Literature


Rashriya Kavi Dinkar Samman           : Literature


Mahadevi Verma Prize                       : Literature


Radha Mohan Awards                                    : Contemporary Art


Kumud Sharma Award                       : Female Artist


Sita Devi Award                                 : Folk Art


Phaniswar Nath Renu Prize                : Bihar Shikhar Samman




List of Academy that gives literary awards in Bihar


Sangeet Natak Academy


Lalit Kala Academy


Hindi Granth Academy


Sanskrit Academy


Bangla Academy


Urdu Academy


South Indian Language Academy


Tribal Language Academy


Bhojpuri Academy


Maithili Academy


Magadhi Academy

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