Issues Related To Girls Education

Issues related to Girls Education

The problem of women’s education in India is one which attracts our attention immediately. In our country, due to conservative traditionalism, women’s status has, through ages, been considered to be lower than that of men. During the later part of the Vedic period the Aryans had sealed the fate of women culturally and socially by denying them the right to study Vedas and thus half of the population was deprived of one of the most fundamental human rights.  They were regarded as the bond slave to men for their economic dependence on them. Even today, in spite of the recognition of women’s status equal to that of men, the majority of them suffer in primitive ignorance as ever before. Illiteracy and ignorance is prevalent more in women folk than in men-folk and this evil is rampant specially in rural areas and backward communities.  The importance of women in matters of building the character of the citizens, economic reconstruction of the country and social reforms is being realized. Under the fast changing conditions in the country in the recent times increased attention is being paid to their education. Though different Commissions and (Committees appointed at times, suggested for the solution of the problems of women’s education and for its expansion, even then there are certain problems still persist in that field.

The main problems facing their education are:

(i) Development of immorality;

(ii) Suitable Curriculum for the education of girls;

(iii) Lack of social consciousness among women;

(iv) Scarcity of lady teachers;

(v) Lack of proper physical facilities;

(vi) Unwillingness of lady teachers to serve in rural areas;

(vii) Financial difficulties;

(viii) Problem of transport;

(ix) Problem of wastage and stagnation;

(x) Problem of co-education;

(xi) Lack of enthusiasm and interest of the officials in charge of education

The education of girls and women is an integral part of national development. Steps that are being taken to improve and expand their education will not recede to the background due to lack of finance. It must be remembered that there is still a big gap to be filled between the education of the boys and girls, further; mother is the pivot of family life in India. Our way of life depends on her. It is essential; therefore, that at least the programmes for girls and women that have already been included in the current plan are not disturbed.

The lack of coordination that existed between the home, the school and the life outside had to be remedied; and a close integration must be secured between the process of education and the social and economic life of the country. Everyone should be trained to make an adequate living and lo fill effectively her appropriate place in life.

The facilities for education should be adjusted as accurately as possible to the actual needs and opportunities which arise. Any wastage of training should not be tolerated in a country so poor as India. The methods of education had to be so designed that the inherent appeal and the value of education would win for it the loyalty of the pupils and support of the parents.

The awakening among Indian women has been really considerable during recent years. Despite all obstacles and many difficulties women education is advancing steadily. They are making their influence felt in international affairs. Inside the country there is a demand for equal rights. Indeed, it is quite obvious that women’s education must catch up with men’s education as rapidly as possible and that great gap between the two must be bridged.

Apart from being a wife and mother, a women must play a positive role in the country’s planning and progress and she must develop her own talent. She then to achieve her two rolls of wife and mother, and a worker to her country, and she can only do this with the mutual co-operation of educational set up of her country and herself Our girls have all the potential qualities, mental, physical, but these will have to be nourished and cherished until they grow into the full and glorious womanhood.

Our late Prime Minister Pandit Nehru said, “the most reliable indicator of a country’s character is the status and social position of women more than nothing else. He said, “I am quite convinced that in India today progress can be measured by the progress of women’s of India”. Dr. Radha krishanan quoting Manu believed “Where women are honoured there the Gods are pleased, where they are not honoured all work becomes fruitless”. Women as human beings have as much right as men have and the honour they expect in society depends on the degree of their education.

Before drawing conclusion it may be mentioned that the task of the school authorities in India is to prepare the girls for the triple role she will have to play in adult life. First, as the founder and fashioner of a happy home, secondly to be able to earn her livelihood independently an honourably if circumstances demand her to do so and thirdly to discharge her duties as a responsible and enlightened citizen.

The Indian Education Commission 1964-66, rightly emphasized, “For full development of our human resources, the improvement of homes and for moulding the character of children during the most impressionable years of their infancy, the education of girls is of greater importance than that of boys”. However, the change in the attitude of the public towards women’s education would go a long way in improving the situation.


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