DMPQ: North east has huge potential as an engine of growth. Comment (economy)



( Draw MAP of India)


Agriculture: The region is primarily dependent on agriculture. The region is gifted with high skilled labor force, fresh water resources, local crop variants which are in high demand. These can be exploited to maximum use. Bringing evergreen revolution in North east.

Horticulture: Sikkim is India’s first fully organic state. With increase in demand for organic products and nutritious food items, these regions have huge opportunity to increase production and earn.

Water resources: The region has high water resources, which can help in securing energy needs of country through Hydro power projects. Various perennial rivers flow through the region. Brahaputra, Teesta, Barak etc.

Human resources: The region has high youth population with diverse skill sets especially in traditional sectors like Handlooms, bamboo arts etc. which have huge demands in western nations and also rest of Main land. They are well versed in communicative skills too.

Geographical location: This region can act as trade link between Central Asia and Main land India with South-eastern nations (ASEAN).

 Tourism: Huge environmental tourism potential with its resplendent nature, Tribal lifestyle etc. Horn bill festival


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