DMPQ: What is sustainable agriculture? How it can be achieved?(5 marker)( science)

Sustainability means keeping an effort going continuously. So, sustainable agriculture means successful management of resources for agriculture to satisfy the changing human needs, while maintaining or enhancing the quality of environment and conserving natural resources.

Sustainable agriculture can be achieved by adopting;

  1. Mixed farming
  2. Mixed cropping
  3. Crop rotation
  4. Crop selection
  5. Varietal improvement


Q3.               Coalitions government has its own merit and demerits. Comment ( Polity)



Ans:      India after 1991 saw major change in the Indian polity. Coalitions at the centre and at the state are one of the dynamic changes. Coalitions  government has its own merits  and demerits.



  • It has helped in strengthening federalism.
  • It has wider and deeper representation
  • Greater continuity of policies and programmes.
  • More responsible government with greater consensus.
  • Lower tyranny of government.



  • Unstable government. Frequent elections. Burden on exchequer.
  • Foreign policies become hostage to regionalism.
  • Undermining the power of PM in allocation of portfolio. Bargaining of key portfolio.
  • Less cooperation and less team work.
  • Major emphasis on keeping majority intact rather than development.
  • More time in decision making. Passing of bill become difficult.
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