DMPQ: What are the similarities between bhakti movement and sufism? (Medieval INDIA/ BHAKTI MOVEMENT)

There is a remarkable similarities between bhakti movement and sufism. This is reflected in the socio-religious life of the then era. Major similarities between bhakti movement and sufism are as follows:

Element of tolerance is the basic constituent of both streams. They buttressed hindu-muslim unity. This can be testified by the number of followers from both the community.Both the Hindus and the Muslimss treated Kabir, Farid and Noor-ud-din as their ideals.

There was emphasis on removal of mediator and any rituals between god and person. Salvation can be achieved by continuous devotion and recitation of God. They also tried to bring egalitarianism in the society.

Both tried to develop the local languages and music. They used various methods to show devotion of God. Like qawwalis, keertans etc. Feeling of social service was buttressed among community. Both the sufi and the Bhakti saints were popular among the people. Hence their tombs and shrines became the places of pilgrimages. Both the Hindus and Mohammedans visited those places.


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