DMPQ: What were the factors which lead to the unification of the hitherto fragmented and diversified India in the 19th century? ( HISTORY)

  1. Britishers rule was draining the economic resources from India but to unification of the country required administrative and economic unity. The by product of this policy was rise of nationalism and collective identity finding coherence in the form of national movement. Similar education, police system, judicial system , railways, telegraphy , postal system, introduction of currency system helped to create unity.
  2. In 1835 it was decided that English will be the medium of instruction. The products of the English education system started admiring the western thinkers and administrators with liberal mindset. The visit of Indians to the different nation helped them to get into acquaintance with the concepts like democracy, human rights, freedom, liberty, equality.
  3. Formation of the all Indian organisation especially congress help to increase the political literacy among the masses. They use to distribute the pamplets, held seminars across the nation to reveal the true character of British rule.
  4. Due to the revelations of archaeology it was established that Indians had achieved great heights in the field of science and technology. This very fact helped to boost up the morale of the masses and hence lead to the increase in the self confidence.
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