“ this was the only way to achieve freedom and liberty for the country.” Discuss the reasons for partition of India. ( History)

This statement was given by Pandit Govind Vallabh Pant during the moving of partition resolution. Communal riots which began in Calcutta on 16th August with the observance of the Direct Action Day, Spread like chain reaction

Mountbatten’s Judgement in the summer of 1947 that division of the country was the only practical solution, was accepted by the three  main parties ie. The british government, the INC, and All India Muslim league. The reasons for Partition of India were:

  • Partition of India was basically the result or outcome of communal politics. The communal problem at its base was more politically motivated than religiously oriented.
  • There was an increase in religious hostilities between Hindus and Muslims. The rise and growth of communal politics was the basis for mobilising people against the other community and it usually culminated into communal discord.
  • Jinnah succeeded in influencing majority of muslims and generated a fear the independent India would be dominated by Hindus. Obstinate and unyielding approach of Jinnah made it difficult to arrive at a solution.
  • The partition was confirmed by calling out of direct action day by jinnah on 16th Direct action day was in support of a separate Pakistan.


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