DMPQ: India-China relation got a setback due to Doklam issue. What was this issue?

Dokalam issue is an extension of border dispute. It is a border dispute between Bhutan and China. India being the party to the friendship treaty with Bhutan tried to stop China from infrastructure creation in the disputed area.

Doklam plateau is situated in SW Bhutan. It is among those three regions which are disputed between China and Bhutan. They are: 1) Zakar/lung, 2) Pasam Lung 3) Doklam Plateau (259KM)

Sino-British treaty was signed in 1890. According to China this treaty gives Doklam to China, But India and Bhutan Rejected the Claims. China was constructing a road in this region which was opposed by India because:

  • India and Bhutan have a friendship treaty of 2007 which gives Bhutan Defence responsibility to India
  • In 2013, India and China signed Border defence and Corporation Agreement which maintains status quo in Border areas and China was amending the status quo.
  • This region is strategically important because “ Chicken Neck Corridor” which connects NE states to mainland India is near Doklam . An attack can be launched on India through this region





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