DMPQ: India has shown keen interest on India’s act east policy, Time has come for active west asia policy. Comment (IR)

West Asia is a very important partner in our growth story. It has huge strategical and economical relevance for India. West asia absorb huge amount of labour( lower section).  Around 7 million Indian works in West Asia. It provide huge amount of remittance and hence it is of great importance.

West Asia also ensure our energy security. Since 80% of our oil demand is met by import, this region has a high importance to ensure our sustained growth. Disturbance, lack of law and order, shaia -sunni conflict, Israle- Palestine dispute, S. Arabia and Iran confrontraion create a problem for India. The USA decision to reduce the troops has also create a problem and the situation is getting worsen by the intrusion of non-state actors like ISIS to de-thrown the existing system.

Further, India’s image is of a clean country which has shown neutral stand in terms of taking sides. Further W. Asia is diversing its market and opening up for service sector. This give us an opportunity to utilise our prowess in IT sector and to reap the benefits. This cannot be achieve by a proactive Act west asia policy.


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