DMPQ- Sir creek dispute.

Sir Creek is a disputed water stream between the Sindh province of Pakistan and Gujarat state of India in the Ran of Kutch 
Pakistan claims the whole water stream till India’s land borders whereas India contends that the issue should be solved as per international standards for riverine systems and hence claims half of the channel with division at the centre. The issue is complicated as it has historic elements attached to it like the Treaty of 1925 regarding its being treated as part of the Sindh province but the maps of the Bombay government demarcating territory in the middle.

The issue remains unsolved even after many rounds of talks as noone is ready to concede their position. Furthermore, the issue has gained significance with the possibility of high quantities of oil and gas in the area which can give a big boost to the energy security of the country which controls it. This makes negotiations further impossible.

But, both countries need to understand that it is in their best interest to mutually solve the issue as only after the dispute is solved, they can mark their EEZ(Exclusive Economic Zone) and continental shelves, and exploit the rich energy resources. Also, those local fishermen from both the sides who are often caught because of the uncertainty, will get a huge relief. At the same time, amicable solution of the issue can act as a big Confidence Building Measure (CBM) for both the countries in resolving other issues at hand.

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