DMPQ: What are the implications for India as USA is walking out of Nuclear deal?

Nuclear deal was between P5+1 and Iran to regulate the nuclear programme of Iran. Iran was undergoing economic sanctions due to its coveted and suspicious nuclear programme. The deal was strike off by Iran accepting to regulate its nuke programme and in reciprocity economic sanction will be lifted gradually.

Recently US walk out of the deal. The implications for India is as follows:

  • It will affect our energy security issues as we are oil importing country. We have our major stake in the Farzad gas filed. Renewed sanctions will have negative affect on our deal. Will affect the Iran Pakistan and India gas pipeline.
  • There are the chances of lowering down of progress in the case of development of Chahabhar Project.
  • Iran is also important as strategic partner also. It provide gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia. Our pace infrastructure projects can b e victimised due to US sanctions.
  • US walk out may lead to growing proximity of Iran towards China and Pakistan. This proximity will also hurt our strategic aspect. Return of conservatives and hardliner ideology in Iran is also not good for India.


Hence this walk out is not a good sign as it will waste the process of coming to terms after prolonged deliberation. India has a economic and strategic cost as far as this successful implementation of deal is concerned.

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