The India Russia ties span the spectrum from sanskriti to suraksha and culture to defence. Discuss the importance of Russia for India.

India support in UNSC:Russia’s veto power in UNSC (India need one trusted friend in UNSC to support her interest).

Strategic:  India’s 73% defense equipment is from Russia. So India needs good relationship with Russia.  Russia is the only country which has provided us with advance technology in hard times despite immense world’s pressure. (Brahmos Missile is one of the examples)

Peace and stability : Russia is a major player in peace of Eurasian region which is also important for India`s security (in context of Afghanistan). Moscow summit

Energy security: Russia is also important with regard to energy security as India has decided to import 1st LNG contract from Russia in 2018. With new sea route being discovered in Arctic and Arctic being Russia’s strategic backyard hence it’s important for India to have good relationship with Russia.

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