What is Asia Africa growth corridor? Discuss its relevance.

The Asia-Africa Growth Corridor is an India-Japan economic cooperation agreement aimed at the socio-economic development of Asia and Africa.  The vision document for AAGC was released by India in the 2017 African Development Bank meeting.The aim of the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor is to develop infrastructure and digital connectivity in Africa through Indo-Japan collaboration.

The AAGC will give priority to development projects in health and pharmaceuticals,agriculture and agro-processing, disaster management and skill enhancement. Theconnectivity aspects of the AAGC will be supplemented with quality infrastructure.

AAGC will essentially be asea corridor linking Africa with India and other countries of South-East Asia andOceania by rediscovering ancient sea-routes and creating new sea corridors that will linkports in Jamnagar (Gujarat) with Djibouti in the Gulf of Eden and similarly the ports ofMombasa and Zanzibar will be connected to ports near Madurai; Kolkata will be linkedto Sittwe port in Myanmar.

The AAGC would consist of four main components: development and cooperationprojects, quality infrastructure and institutional connectivity, capacity and skillenhancement and people-to-people partnerships. These four components as well asfour elements or four pillars are complementary to promote growth and all rounddevelopment in both the continents.



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