DMPQ- Independent mechanism for election of Chief election commissioner and election commissioner is need of the hour. Comment


Election Commission of India (ECI) is a constitutional body under Article-324 vested with the responsibilities of superintendence, direction and control of conduct of elections. It consists of a Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners. Election commission independence is bedrock of our democracy. It ensures free and fair elections. But there are inherent problems with election commissions:

  1. Appointment of CEC and EC by President. Other posts like CAG, CBI director, CVC ,CIC etc. are appointed by a collegium. In which there parliamentary control.
  2. Parliamentary control in appointment ensure that EC will not be biased in the approach.
  3. There is need of increase in trust in election commission for enrichment of democracy.
  4. Election commissioner can be removed by the President without any removal process akin to CEC. When CEC is equivalent to EC, the absence of such safeguard make election commission vulnerable.

Our democracy is a vibrant one which is always in need of reforms. Independence and proper functioning of election commission are required for free and fair elections. Recently PIL in SC was heard to have independent mechanism for election of Election commissioners and CEC.

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