DMPQ- What do you mean by objectivity? Explain in the light of foundational value of civil services. (ETHICS)

It refers to basing our advice and decisions on rigorous analysis of evidence. OR The principle of objectivity implies that the decisions and actions should be based on observable phenomena and should not be influenced by emotions, biases or personal prejudices.

Objectivity ensures:

 Civil servants take decisions on the merit of the case and take account of expert and professional advice.

 Provide information and advice including the advice to ministers on the basis of evidence and accurately present opinions and facts.

 Must not ignore inconvenient facts when providing advice or making decisions.

 Must ensure the implementation of the policies once the decisions are taken.

 The values of impartiality and objectivity are complementary to each other.

 The decisions based on merits and facts lead to an impartial decision making.



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