Health awareness Programme

Health awareness Programme

Health Awareness Campaigns are one of the most functional elements in health system that push people to create that big change to eradicate or lessen the unhealthy impact the health issue. Healthcare Awareness Campaigns are meat to trigger that action of change, promise a healthier society with long standing impact in the society.

History of healthcare campaigns that brought down rates of epidemics, communicable diseases by spreading nail hitting messages. Campaigns that let people know of diseases that people weren’t known to before, awareness campaigns that give out powerful messages on prevention and cure of a certain health disease.  As a healthcare branding and marketing agency we carry a huge responsibility to create that ideally healthy society through communicating in people’s voice. Mending a new voice that is set out to change the world is every healthcare campaign’s ambition.

My India, healthy India

The idea and concept of this mega project is to make the nation healthy. In India, certainly, there are remarkable achievements in some dimensions of health. As compared to the year 1947, there is almost 45% reduction in crude death rate. On other parameters of health too we have more or less reached our goals. We were successful in eradicating Smallpox. Several infective diseases have become short and less painful. It has been shown that the change in the scenario is due to the better living conditions and availability of some resources like safe drinking water, general awareness etc. but not due to the change in human behavior.


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