DMPQ: Examine the importance of West Asia for India.

Importance of West asia for India cannot be defined. Its importance for our energy and economic security is a well known fact. But there are some concerns in terms of realising the true potential of the relationship. Major concerns are briefed here as under:


1) Geopolitical Concerns:

  • Arab-Israel conflict which is considered as mother of all conflict. Difficult for India to take sides and thus provide with less space to further India’s strategic interest.
  • Political fault lines are widening now and they have fault line even among Saudi-UAE and Qatar.
  • With US coming out of JCPOA it has put region again in the state of chaos. Presence of non-state actors like Kurds and ISIS with increasing proxy wars has further

strengthened the fault line in the region.


2) Geo-economic Concerns:

  • Issue related to Kafalat and Nitaqat law.
  • Low wages and inhumane treatment of Indian workers
  • Golden crescent issue.



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