DMPQ: Maintaining healthy relationship in international affair is always a concern. In this context discuss the major concerns in India’s Foreign policy? ( IR)

Major Issues:

  1. India’s integration with south east asia and east Asia is very low especially in terms of economics and trade.
  2. India’s lack of maturity in handling the issues of global governance.
  3. Changing dynamics of International affairs as China-Pakistan- Russia nexus is growing, US-Iran hostility is affecting India’s energy security and its strategic investment in chahabar port.
  4. New Delhi’s focus on terrorism has compromised India’s strategic relation with China.
  5. Growing stature of China in every field, CPEC is a testimony to that which is supposed to be passing through PoK.
  6. Gap between diplomatic efforts and agents of domestic implementation.
  7. India’s failure to get the membership of UNSC, NSG etc.
  8. Political resistance in engaging with Pakistan.


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